Tesla NEMA 10-30 Adapter • up to 5.7 kW • UMC generation 2

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May 31, 2023 3:15 PM


  • 10-30 Nema for tesla gen 2
  • Faster Charging over standard plug
  • Level 2 Charging at home

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SKU umc1030
Tesla Motors
Product info
Tesla NEMA 10 30 adapter for UMC

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5 reviews for the Tesla Motors 10-30 Nema Adapter Gen 2 for Mobile Connec...

  1. Jerry year ago

    The OEM manufacturer Tesla provided the product. It has limited utility as a single compound. All possible connection adapters were purchased from Tesla.

  2. Jeffrey D 11 months ago

    High-quality product

  3. Julian 11 months ago

    It worked great and was delivered much quicker than ordering directly from Tesla. It draws 8 kW from your standard 240-volt outlet with no problems.

  4. Micheal D 10 months ago

    Amazing! It arrived in less than two days. This is a better option than ordering directly from Tesla.

  5. Randy 9 months ago

    Super charging was the right choice for me. It works well and is of good quality.

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