Rophor 10-Gauge Extension Cable, 30 Amp, 10/4 AWG, 25ft/7m, for EV Chargers, NEMA 14-30P to 14-30R, 125V/250V

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  • 30A, 125/250V. Maximum Wattage 7500W, 25 feet, STW power cord, an male 14-30P plug, and a female 14-30R Receptacle. UL/cUL approved.
  • It is used to charge your electrical vehicle, to move your dryer and to charge other appliances that run on 220 Volt. You can make your dryer or electric vehicle more flexible for greater flexibility and convenience. There is no need to employ an electrician to put in the new outlet or wall charger.
  • 600 Volt thermoplastic STW Jacket as well as 10AWG (American wire gauge) 4C copper wire with NEMA 14-30 plug has excellent abrasion, oil , and water resistance as well as flexible. It will last for many years even when used in harsh conditions.
  • Included Accessories including 1X Cord Organizer as well as 1X PVC plug protector
  • Rophor is a leader in the manufacture of adapter power cords for various applications. All of our products have been tested thoroughly to ensure that every item supplied to our clients will perform flawlessly. Don’t compromise quality for price. We give you five years of maintenance that is worry-free and are looking at your next email.
  • 10-AWG 4 Conducor heavy-duty cord constructed from copper, with PVC that meets UL the 62 standard to provide antioxidants and heat-proof insulation and plug in UL 817 support standard.
  • If you’re looking to be certain of the warranty, then our site offers warranty coverage by the company that makes it.

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SKU ext143005
120, 240
NEMA 14-30
Cable length, ft
Working temperature
-40 to 140F
UL/C-UL Approved
Enclosure Material
100% Copper, PVC
Manufacturer info

Rophor concentrates on the production of power cords and molds NEMA connector or plug. 300 different types of power cords are introduced in the USA as well as Canada. The majority of them use NEMA plugs and receptacles. Rophor is able to manufacture using PVC cable.

Manufacturers are committed to offering an ever-better solutions to power adapters. We hope that Rophor will prove to be a trustworthy companion in your life.

If you're searching alternative options to the level 1 EV charger extension cord you can try searching on our site.

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Extension cord for EVs

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