PRIMECOM Level 2 EV Charging station 12 kW (240Volt, 30ft/9m Cable, 50 Amp) Hardwired

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  • RFID Key: These RFID keys allow you to disable charger authorization for a company or public installation option. These chargers use pure copper cables. It can reach 100 feet without any voltage drop. Some cables may be made of aluminum mix cable, which can’t go beyond 18-20 feet due to voltage drop. This creates extra heat.
  • The charger can be manually adjusted from 50-Amps to 48-Amps, 40, 32 and 30, 28, 25, 12 amps Modes. Front button selection allows for upto 12KWh power, upto 10X faster charging (compare the Factory supplied 110V Charger).
  • Longer cord options and intelligent chip — The intelligent chip automatically charges your EV with the required amperage. Primecom Smart chargers can be used outdoors and are waterproof. Fully Outdoor Usable with IP56 waterproof status.
  • Safe and secured — Primecom Level 2 Chargers have been subject to rigorous testing to ensure that they meet all quality standards. TUV German Equipment & Product Safety Certifications, CE certifications and UL Listed Cable Certificationss are some of the 12 safety features that have been added to this charger. This product features a control box that has LED status indicators. UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY Compatible with all EVs and PHEVs Cars, including TESLA. (Tesla EVs require the TESLA J1772-to-UMC adapter that comes with every new Tesla).
  • Delay timer – Up to 15 hours (in 1-hour increments). It also has the time of the charge (countdown timer function) to allow you to take advantage discount electric company rates. DISPLAY SCREENS — The charger’s screen displays relevant information like real-time charging Amperage and Voltage.

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SKU prmchrdw
Weight 17.41 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 5 in
Manufacturer PRIMECOM
Level 2
Voltage 240
Amperage 50
Plug J1772
Cable length, ft 30
Waterproof IP56
Working temperature n/a
Outdoor Yes
Wall/Stand Wall
Travel/Portable No
Hardwired Yes
Weight 17.41
Certificate CE️
Warranty 1 year
Wi-Fi No
Manufacturer info

PRIMECOM is a manufacturer of EVSE. One of the competitors is Shell. Level 2 24-amp EV charger is the most popular related product on our site, among buyers of the brand. Tesla Model 3 enthusiasts are customers of PRIMECOM’s products and services.

Additional information

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  1. Bobby 7 months ago

    I connected to the outdoor socket NEMA14-50. It is very easy to use the RFID key.
    The large LCD screen displays useful information such as the total number of Kilowatt-hours.
    It’s much more affordable than other brands I saw on the Internet. This was the cherry on top.

  2. Travis D 7 months ago

    Recently, I purchased an Audi E-Tron. I needed a level-2 charger to ensure quick charging.
    The goods arrived quickly and I asked it to install the electrician.
    It works great and looks fantastic. When it is connected to an Audi E-Tron, the charger is extremely tight. It may become less tight over time, I’m sure.

    It exceeded my expectations.

  3. Corey 6 months ago

    To charge Volkswagen ID, the 50-amp charger is needed for 5 hours. This task required a 120 volt charger for over 20 hours.
    Two 50-ampere chargers were purchased. One of the charging devices didn’t work. Customer support replaced me with a new charger.

  4. Joshua 5 months ago

    Excellent product. It works great. Sometimes, it’s more powerful than needed. It charges Chevy Bolt in 10 hours. Very simple installation.

  5. Jonathan G 3 months ago

    Excellent product. He quickly loaded my Mach E and offered the possibility to adjust the current strength.

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