LifeSupplyUSA 10ft/3.04m Extension Cable for EV Charger 13 Amp 1625 Watts 125 Volts Heavy Duty 10 Gauge/3 Prong SJTW (Black), Outdoor & Indoor, Lighted end Extra Durability

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by EV Adept
May 28, 2024 2:15 AM
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  • 15 AMP, 125 Volts, 1875 Watts, Power Extension Cord with lighted end, 10 gauge/3 wire/3 prong. This power extension cord is perfect for use around the house or office. It’s 10 gauge/3 wire/3 prong, so it’s perfect for most devices. Plus, the lighted end let’s you know when it’s plugged in.
  • This extension cord is 10 feet long, made of heavy duty 10 gauge wire, and has 3 prongs. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • This Power Extension Cord has a dark PVC jacket that makes it blend in with its surroundings, making it less visually distracting – perfect for musicians and event organizers. The lighted end indicates when the power is on, so you’ll never have to worry about whether or not your devices are powered.
  • If you’re looking for manufacturer’s warranty coverage, our site is the perfect place to start. We offer warranty coverage from the manufacturer, so you can be sure your purchase is protected.
  • Looking for an extension cord that can handle heavy-duty outdoor and indoor use? Look no further than LifeSupplyUSA’s Power Extension Cords! Perfect for an EV charger.
  • Highly resistant, durable and perfectly flexible power extension cord, designed to perform in extreme temperatures – will not crack or deteriorate. Rugged vinyl jacket is resistant to oil, grease, moisture and abrasion. Heavy duty protection makes this power extension cord suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Looking for a rugged and reliable power extension cord that can stand up to the elements? Look no further than the LifeSupplyUSA Power Extension Cord! This heavy duty cord is designed for both outdoor and indoor use, and can withstand extreme temperatures without cracking or deteriorating. The tough vinyl jacket is resistant to oil, grease, moisture and abrasion, making it perfect for tough jobsites or messy projects. The lighted end indicates when the power is on, so you can work with confidence knowing that your tools are ready to go. With a 15 amp, 125 volt rating, this extension cord can handle a variety of power needs. Don’t be caught without the right cord for the job – grab a LifeSupplyUSA Power Extension Cord and be prepared for anything!

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SKU ext10cd1
1.9 lbs
12 × 10.5 × 1.5 in
Cable length, ft
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LifeSupplyUSA was founded in 2017 to give the average household and small business a direct link to wholesale prices on essential household products. The company started with a small line of home goods and the demand quickly grew as our competitive prices could not be beat. Even with our growing success, they remain a close-knit family-owned and operated business. LifeSupplyUSA address each customer with the attention and cooperation they deserve. LifeSupplyUSA specializes in essential replacement products for air filtration and other home goods. If you purchase EV charger extension cord, not only will you get them at a discounted price, but you will also be able to speak to customer service for free. If you are looking for something specific, LifeSupplyUSA has got it. The company has an extensive catalog of replacement parts that are not only easy to find, but offered at wholesale prices!

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Extension cord for EVs

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3 reviews for the LifeSupplyUSA 10ft Extension Cord for EV Charger 13 Amp...

  1. Fernando year ago

    I bought an extension cord for my electric car charger, and it’s been working well for 10 months. I have experienced difficulties with insufficient moisture protection, but otherwise, I agree with the reviews of other buyers. The brand name is LifeSupplyUSA 10ft Extension Cord.

  2. Marcus year ago

    Are you looking for an extension cord that is specifically designed for electric car chargers? Look no further than the LifeSupplyUSA 10ft Extension Cord! This device has been working well for me for 8 months now, and I have experienced no difficulties with it whatsoever. I highly recommend it to anyone who is in the market for a reliable and affordable extension cord for their electric car charger.

  3. Pat 6 months ago

    I needed an extension cord for my electric car charger and this one from LifeSupplyUSA was the perfect solution. It’s 10 feet long, which is just what I needed, and it’s been working great for the past 10 months. I highly recommend this product to anyone else who needs an extension cord for their electric car charger.

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