Houseables Generator Cable, Heavy Duty (125/250 Volt 7.5 kW, Nema L14-30 10 Gauge, 50ft/15m Cord, 30 Amp) Electric Extension Wire 4 Prong, Locking, Power Cord, Transfer, 4×10 AWG, UL CUL, for EV charger

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  • Is a good choice for connecting a portable generator to a Tesla or other electric vehicle charger via an adapter or directly.
  • A complimentary warranty is available for service works on chargers for up to 5 years. These can be purchased at
  • Flexible elastic all rubber cords provide an uninterrupted current even in cold weather. This cord is ideal for carrying a load that is sustained without becoming rigid or overheating. It is water, weather and oil-resistant, and is suitable for long periods of time all year. An efficient and robust emergency extension cord that offers great flexibility right from the box.
  • The SJTW L14-30 power cord locks that have 250-125 volts. The locking plugs are equipped with pins laid out in a circular fashion. The plug is then inserted and then twisted to lock it in its place. The cord is able to be used to power any circuit within your breaker panel, up to 30 amps. This is a perfect cable to run an emergency generator through the wall outlet.
  • All-Weather Indoor and Outdoor. Use 10 gauge/4-conductor, 30, amp, all rubber, 4-pronged transfer extension cord for switches. It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. It is compatible with cradle mounts as well as portable AC units compressors for air and electric vehicle charges and electrical emergencies in the event of power interruptions and other reasons to connect power. It is important to note that this cord gets less flexible during colder temperatures.
  • The larger gauge wiring is built well to provide security when you run larger amp loads. Yellow rubber highlighted by black, molded edges which provide the appearance of a high-visibility. The cord is easily removed and is able to recoil whenever it is not being used therefore storage is not a issue.

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SKU ext143002
17 lbs
14 × 14 × 5 in
120, 240
NEMA 14-30
Cable length, ft
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At Houseables the main goal of Houseables is helping you to enjoy your home one item at one time. The manufacturer promises to offer high quality items at reasonable costs. They provide products in a variety of categories like Garage, Storage & Organization, Housekeeping. These EV extension cords are not the only ones to have been certified by a certification facility and is safe for use.

The extension cord is typically utilized to charge electric car with gas generator.

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Extension cord for EVs

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