EVoCharge Level 2 EV Charging station 6.1 kW NEMA 6-50 (240 Volt, 18ft/5.4m Cord, up to 32 Amp), Indoor/Outdoor, UL Listed

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by EV Adept
Jun 22, 2024 9:15 AM
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  • You can adjust the max current output to support multiple circuit ratings with this slim, compact and modern design. You can install it in more locations because of its sleek design.
  • You can buy this item for one low price and without needing to purchase other items. This includes a charging unit with an 18 foot cable, a NEMA 6-50 plug, a universal mounting bracket, a plug holster, and a user manual.
  • This will give them an estimated 25-35 miles of extra range per hour. The charger is easy to install with a standard NEMA 6-50 plug and universal mounting bracket.
  • If you want to be certain of the warranty, then our evadept.com site provides warranty coverage direct from the manufacturer.
  • This electrical product has been designed and tested to meet the nationally recognized UL (USA) & cUL (Canada) standards for safety. NEMA 4 rated for Indoor/Outdoor use in all weather, this product is a must-have for any electrical products installed in your home.
  • Electric Vehicle and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle owners in the United States and Canada can now charge up to 8x faster than with standard AC Level 1 EV chargers, thanks to the new Chevy Bolt, BMW i3, Nissan Leaf, Ford Fusion, Chevy Volt, Toyota Prius, Tesla (with adapter) compatibility.

Installing the EvoCharge EVSE charging station at home is simple and convenient. The modern compact design houses a powerful 32 amps of power, capable of charging up to 8x faster than level 1 chargers that are provided with your vehicle. With the easy plug and charge operation, charging your vehicle could not be any simpler. This level 2 charger provides up to 25 miles per hour of charge. Just simply install the unit and plug it in to your vehicle, that’s it!
If you have an existing 240V outlet installed, confirm that it is NEMA 6-50 and that it is on a dedicated 40A (or higher) circuit. If your circuit is lower than 40A, you can use the EvoCharge unit but will need to have an electrician adjust the internal dip switches to lower the amperage to 24A or 16A.
If you do not have an outlet installed, you will need to have an electrician run a new dedicated circuit to your installation location and install a NEMA 6-50 outlet.

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EvoCharge is an industry pioneer in the electric vehicle charging space, with a dedicated team supported by their parent company, Phillips and Temro Industries (PTI). EvoCharge fully supports the transition to electric vehicles, with a full team of engineering and manufacturing staff based in the United States.

When you purchase 32 amp EV charger, you not only have the opportunity to buy them cheaply, but you can also ask for free customer service advice.

When you purchase an EvoCharge charging station, you are getting access to a team of specialists who are dedicated to improving the home charging experience for millions of EV drivers. With a level 2 charger from EvoCharge, you can start charging faster at home.

EvoCharge is committed to providing the best possible charging experience for all EV drivers. With a dedication to innovation and customer service, EvoCharge is your go-to source for all your EV charging needs.

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  1. Jorge year ago

    I have had my EVoCharge Level 2 EV Charging station for almost a year now and it has worked great. I have had no problems with it, and it has been a great addition to my Model 3. I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering an electric car charger.

  2. Don year ago

    i have had my evocharge ev charger for 3 years now and it has worked great. the only issue i have had is that the connector is difficult to remove from the car. other than that, i agree with the reviews of other buyers.

  3. Corey 3 months ago

    I bought an EVoCharge EV Charger and I’m very happy with it. It comes with very heavy duty cables that are perfect for my needs. The 6-50 plug and cable is quite substantial but only about 1 foot long, and the charging cable is also quite thick and solidly built, but still flexible enough to handle easily. My electric car is a Model Y. So far, the device has been working well for 12 months. I have experienced difficulties with difficult to remove the connector from the car. Otherwise, I agree with the reviews of other buyers.

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