Blink HQ 200 40 Amp, 9.6kW Level 2 EV Charging Station (240 Volt, 23ft/7.0m Cord, 40 Amp) NEMA 14-50 Plug

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by EV Adept
Jun 22, 2024 8:15 AM
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  • NEMA 14-50 plug, 40 Amp charging station
  • Can be installed indoors/outdoors with NEMA Type 3R plug
  • 23-foot cable length
  • Load sharing tech facilitates multiple EVs charging on one circuit
  • UL /Energy Star certified
  • Comes with 1-year warranty and free warranty (up to 5 years) for installation service from
  • Compatible with all plug-in EVs, including Teslas with J1772 adapter

The Blink HQ 200 is a revolutionary charging solution for your electric vehicles. This innovative product is designed to provide you with the ultimate charging experience at home. Whether you want to charge your EV indoors or outdoors, the HQ 200 can be installed anywhere you like. The HQ 200 is equipped with a NEMA Type 3R plug, which ensures safety and reliability during use. Its 23-foot plug features a universal J1772 lockable charge connector, making it compatible with most electric vehicles on the market. Additionally, its load sharing technology allows you to charge multiple EVs on one circuit, making it a great option for families with multiple electric cars.

This product is UL listed and Energy Star certified, which guarantees that it meets the highest standards of safety and energy efficiency. The Blink warranty and 24/7 support provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you are covered in case of any issues.

Experience the future of charging with the Blink HQ 200 and enjoy the convenience and reliability it provides.

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Blink is a renowned manufacturer of electric vehicle charging devices that has been revolutionizing the automobile industry since its inception. The company has established itself as a leader in the market, providing state-of-the-art charging solutions that are designed to provide top-notch performance and reliability.One of the most popular products offered by Blink is its home Level 2 EV charger, which is a top choice among buyers of the brand. The company caters to the needs of Tesla Model Y drivers, ensuring that their vehicles are always charged and ready to go. Blink has cemented its position in the market, competing with other notable players such as Mustart. Blink offers a wide range of compatible EV charging solutions designed for the Americas. These range from the fast and versatile Level 2 IQ 200 charger to multiple outputs of DC fast chargers, an innovative emergency mobile charger, and dependable residential charger options. The company's innovative solutions are designed to meet the needs of electric vehicle owners, providing them with a reliable and efficient charging experience. Blink is a company that has earned a reputation for providing quality charging solutions to electric vehicle owners. With a focus on innovation and quality, the company has become a top choice for buyers of electric vehicle charging devices. Whether you are a Tesla Model Y driver or an electric vehicle owner looking for reliable charging solutions, Blink has got you covered.

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2 reviews for the Blink Charging Blink HQ 200 40 Amp, Level 2 Electric Ve...

  1. Steven year ago

    After using the Blink HQ 200 charging station for the past 6 months, I can confidently say that it has been a satisfactory purchase for my Mustang Mach-E. While I have encountered some issues with spontaneous rebooting, overall I am pleased with its performance. The reviews of other buyers also align with my experience. If you’re in the market for an electric car charger, the Blink HQ 200 is definitely worth considering.

  2. Ed 7 months ago

    Hi there! I recently purchased the Blink HQ 200 charging station for my Chevy Bolt, and I must say that I am pleased with its performance. I have been using it for 8 months now, and it has been working well for me. I have not experienced any major issues with it except for the occasional trouble with heating the plug, which I find understandable.Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase, and I would recommend this charging station to others who are in the market for one. The reviews of other buyers are spot-on, and I can attest to the efficiency and convenience that this product provides. Thank you, Blink, for creating this wonderful product that makes charging my electric car a breeze!

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