In a groundbreaking move, Honda and Acura have announced their adoption of Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) charging connector in North America. This decision is not just a technological shift but a statement that echoes across the automotive industry.

Why NACS? The Charging Standard of the Future

  • Unified Charging Experience: NACS provides a seamless charging experience, bridging the gap between different manufacturers.
  • Driven by GM’s Adoption: Honda’s move is significantly influenced by General Motors’ adoption of the NACS standard, reflecting a broader industry trend.
  • Compatibility with Tesla’s Supercharger Network: The NACS adoption allows Honda and Acura vehicles to tap into Tesla’s robust Supercharging network.

“The brilliance of the Tesla Supercharger network lies in its meticulous maintenance. Their proactive approach ensures any hiccup is rectified pronto. That’s the gold standard.” – Jay Joseph, American Honda

The Timeline: When Will Honda and Acura Go NACS?

  1. Initial Adoption: Honda’s luxury brand Acura will first get the CCS charging inlet.
  2. Transition to NACS: The switch to NACS is expected around 2025 or 2026, aligning with GM’s timeline.
  3. First BEVs with NACS: The first BEVs, like the Honda Prologue and Acura ZDX, will initially be equipped with the Combined Charging System (CCS1).


Honda and Acura’s decision to adopt Tesla’s NACS is more than a technological shift; it’s a statement of unity and innovation in the electric vehicle landscape. By aligning with a standard that promises reliability and accessibility, these brands are not only embracing the future but shaping it.

References and Facts

Here are some related news and facts about Honda and Acura adopting Tesla’s NACS charging standard:

  • Honda and its luxury brand Acura will adopt Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) charging connector in North America1.
  • Acura’s new ZDX electric crossover will gain the NACS setup in 2025 or 20263.
  • Tesla’s charging technology is known to be among the best, leading to its competitors adopting its standards25.
  • Honda and Acura are the latest EV manufacturers to adopt Tesla’s NACS charging standard, following GM14.
  • This adoption of Tesla’s NACS charging standard marks a pivotal step toward bolstering the EV landscape6.