ABB e-mobility’s Game-Changing Certifications

In a significant stride for the e-mobility industry, ABB e-mobility has clinched the coveted CTEP and NTEP certifications for their state-of-the-art DC fast chargers. This move not only echoes the stringent standards set for gas pumps but also ensures that EV drivers across the US are billed accurately for their electric consumption.

“Catering to market demands and ensuring a clear, delightful user journey are the heartbeats of an expanding e-mobility realm.” – Asaf Nagler, North America’s VP of External Affairs for ABB e-mobility.

Key Highlights

  • California’s Lead: The Golden State has already set the pace by implementing these regulations, with a majority of other states set to follow suit by January 1, 2025.
  • Chargers in the Spotlight: ABB’s Terra 124 and Terra 184 chargers, tailored for US public charging spots, have been spotlighted under these certifications. Notably, the Terra 184 aligns with NEVI benchmarks, demanding a robust 97% operational time.
  • Beyond Fast Charging: ABB has also ventured into wallbox solutions, securing CTEP certification for the Terra AC Wallbox in both 40 A and 80 A setups, crafted specifically for business and fleet usage.

In Conclusion

The e-mobility industry is witnessing rapid transformations, with companies like ABB leading the charge. As regulations tighten and technology advances, the future of electric transportation looks brighter than ever.

References and Facts

Here are some related news and facts about ABB e-mobility earning CTEP and NTEP certifications for DC fast chargers:

  • ABB e-mobility has earned both NTEP and CTEP certifications for its DC fast chargers123456.
  • These certifications mean that the chargers have been witness-tested in approved laboratory conditions for compliance with HB 44, which requires paid public chargers to show the amount of electricity dispensed, the unit price, and the total price1.
  • ABB e-mobility is the first manufacturer to earn both National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) and California Type Evaluation Program (CTEP) certifications for DC fast chargers35.
  • The certifications cover the 120 kW to 180 kW range of fast charging technology2.
  • Asaf Nagler, VP of External Affairs for ABB e-mobility in North America, said that “meeting market needs and providing a transparent and positive customer experience are integral to a growing e-mobility industry”1.
  • ABB e-mobility’s mission is to create seamless and reliable charging experiences for EV drivers6.