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What can affect the charging speed of an electric car?

In addition to the factors listed above, battery fullness, battery age, and temperature all affect speed.

What is most important when calculating electric car charging times?

When calculating charging times, an important indicator is the electric car's battery with charging capacity.

Porsche Taycan Charging Speed Calculation: Key Factors

Factors that affect the charging time of your Porsche Taycan

Battery capacity is the first item that determines the charging time of your Porsche Taycan battery. If you do not know how much capacity your Porsche battery has, on the Porsche Taycan charging time calculator page you need to select the model of the electric car, then the system will give you information about the battery in kWh, there will also be information about the characteristics and types of batteries.

The second item that affects the charging speed is the power of the charger (EVSE). Many electric battery chargers already have the charging intensity listed on them.

These are the basic values needed to calculate the charging rate. The good news is that using a calculator, all you have to do is choose an electric car and charger, and everything will be calculated for you.

Charging speed

Electric cars have three charging speeds:

  • Slower (5 to 8 hours).
  • Faster (1.5 to 3 hours).
  • Fast (in 15 minutes or less).

Charging for an electric car

The most common charger for a Tesla is the Wall connector home charging station with the nema 14-50 socket. Other manufacturers may have Level2 (faster) and Level1 (slower) charging speeds for the Porsche Taycan, depending on the charger. When choosing quality charging stations, you need to know that they coordinate with the car and charge it without your involvement.

Right now, the fastest tesla charger is available in constant current charging station networks. It has its own connector and can also use the J1772 on networks with an adapter.

Find out from the article on The Best Commercial EV Charging Station: Which EVSE wins?

Charging a Porsche Taycan electric car in the garage

The charging rate in your garage depends on the power of the outlet. If parking your electric car is too far away from it, the best solution is to install a stationary charger nearby, that way you have maximum power and fast charging available to you. But if that option is not available, you can temporarily use an extension cable.

If you want to buy the best Porsche Taycan home charger and install it indoors, it is advisable to consult with professional electricians.

Electric cars have different port formats, so adapters such as J1772 are available for convenience that can connect non-designated chargers.

Calculation formula for charging speed

Duration = Battery capacity * 1000 / EVSE power * 1000

Only a rough calculation is shown, so it is better to use the calculator as it takes into account the 10% loss and individual limitations of the built-in charger.

We hope that our porsche taycan charging time calculator was useful to you. For ease of use, the preset settings of the calculator may be different, so we advise you to check out other calculators.