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The easiest way to calculate the time it will take to charge your Kia Niro

It is important for owners of electric cars to know how long it will take to charge them. To avoid having to calculate the charging time yourself, it is worth using the online calculator on our website.

How long does it take to charge a car? 

The duration of car charging depends on various factors. There are three charging speeds:

  • slow (5 to 8 h.);
  • medium (1.5 to 3 hours);
  • fast (15 minutes).

Do not forget that different charging modes (AC/DC) depending on the charging station.

What does the charging time of the Kia Niro electric car depend on? 

To calculate the charging time of an electric car, you need to know a few characteristics. 

The primary importance on the charging speed of the vehicle has the battery capacity. This figure is specified in the technical data sheet of the electric car Kia Niro. The next indicator that is important is the power, or intensity of the charger. 

The general formula for determining the charging rate of an electric car is as follows: 

Duration = Battery Capacity * 1000 / Power * 1000. 

To avoid having to do the calculations yourself, you can use the calculator provided on our website. Do not forget that in addition to the above characteristics, the battery charge time is influenced by its completeness, temperature, wear and tear. 

Learn the basic differences between an electric car and a car with an internal combustion engine. You can read a lot of information on our website.

Features of electric car charging 

Port formats in electric cars are different, so initially it seems that they can be charged only in a specially equipped place. In fact, today you can buy various adapters that will allow you to charge the car not in the designated charging station (for example, Tesla to J1772 adapter). 

If conducting the charging of Kia Niro in your own garage, then it is worth considering that the charging time will come from the power of the outlet. If necessary, you can use an extension cord when the distance between the car and the outlet is too long. To keep the charging speed to a minimum, it is worth installing a special stationary charger close to where the car is parked.

Which charger to choose for home charging Kia Niro? 

As a rule, owners of electric cars give preference to a home charging station. Charging in this case is possible right in the garage with the nema 14-50 socket. Given the characteristics of the chargers, it is possible to both increase and decrease the rate of charge. It takes less time to charge in public station networks that have constant current.

Before you purchase a home charging station for your electric car, check out the recommendations from experienced professionals. This will allow you to determine the right product with the best features. And the Kia Niro EV charging time calculator will help you calculate the charging time for your Kia Niro, both at public charging stations on various networks and at your home charging station.