EV Mileage Calculator


Explanation On Why Ev Mileage Calculator Is Important

How can the EV mileage calculator calculate the range of an electric car?

How far can an electric car travel with a full battery charge? What does the rate of charge consumption depend on? What factors influence the range?

It is naive to rely on the range indicated by the manufacturer in the certificate of the electric car. After all, it's unlikely you'll be able to drive the specified number of miles. To more realistically estimate the range, it is worth using a special EV mileage calculator.

Factors that affect the range of an electric car

There are a number of important indicators that affect the rate of battery energy consumption. Accordingly, they determine the number of miles the electric vehicle will travel:

  • The temperature of the air outside;
  • the driving style of the car;
  • Average driving speed.

When driving between 30-80 mph, battery power is used most optimally. When it comes to ambient temperature, the battery has the best performance between -4 °F and +140 °F. The driver can intelligently combine different driving modes so that the range is sufficient to reach the destination or the nearest charging station.

Different driving scenarios

To get a better idea of the range, let's look at a few examples of electric car operation:

  1. Very frugal driving at low speeds and no delays. This can result in 1.8 times the miles traveled.
  2. When driving in very sweltering weather, the driver can only rely on 60% of the range recommended by the manufacturer.
  3. Long-distance driving in the summer. If you stick to a normal driving style and speed of 60 mph, you can then expect up to 90% of the manufacturer's stated mileage.
  4. Winter driving. Careful driving and moderate speed will provide as much range as a trip in hot weather.

The driver should understand that all the onboard systems are actively consuming the battery charge. This can be air conditioning, multimedia and other electronic options. In order not to make mistakes and always correctly calculate the exact range, it is recommended to use a special calculator. Also, the driver must get used to the driving style of electric cars, because it is slightly different from the driving style of traditional cars with internal combustion engines.

Tricks to increase the range

Range can be slightly increased by using simple tips.  For example, it is necessary to carry out the following manipulations with the car:

  • dismantle the roof rack;
  • Remove unnecessary cargo from the car;
  • use less multimedia;
  • to reduce aerodynamic resistance.


Manufacturers of electric cars and batteries are working to maximize the range of such vehicles. Also serious work is going on to improve the electric motors, so that they consume energy more efficiently. After all, just 1 point increase in the efficiency of the electric motor will provide 2 points increase in distance traveled. Therefore, in the future we can expect electric cars with even greater mileage on a single battery charge. The EV mileage calculator on this page will estimate the electric car's mileage, other similar calculators can be used to determine the cost or time to charge to full battery.

How many miles will an electric car travel after an hour of charging?

  Ford Mustang Mach-E Audi e-tron Porsche Taycan
48 Amp EV charger 28 mi/h 26 mi/h 30 mi/h
50 Amp EV charger 28 mi/h 26 mi/h 30 mi/h
16 Amp EV charger 10 mi/h 9 mi/h 10 mi/h

More powerful charging station? Use a calculator to calculate the distance.