EV Charge Time Calculator


The calculator calculates the time it takes to charge the battery of an electric car. It saves the driver the time he would have spent on the calculations. Allows you to charge the car to the desired level.

With the help of the service you can find out on the basis of which parameters the charging time is calculated. Therefore, it will be extremely useful to owners of electric cars. Available models on the market - Tesla, Chevrolet Bolt, BMW i3, Kia Niro, etc.

Now you know how long to wait for the battery to charge.

The Charge Time Calculator for EV saves you when you need to urgently determine the time of charge. At the same time being at work or at home. Based on the results, the car owner can adjust his plans. And also choose the best route for the planned trip (to avoid unexpected discharge). Differences of the calculator from other analogues existing on the Internet:

  • you can specify your own specification of the battery of an electric car or use the standard one;
  • it is offered to set the desired and current percentage of charge with maximum accuracy (without rounding to numbers multiple of 5 or 10);
  • the type of outlets in the home network is displayed;
  • It is possible to calculate the battery charge for more than 40 models of EVs.

The EV Charge Time Calculator will be extremely useful to the future buyer of an electric car manufactured in America, Europe or Asia.