VEVOR 15 Amp Level 1 and Level 2 Portable EV Charger 3.61 kW max (110/240 Volt, 25ft/7.62m Cord, 15 Amp) NEMA 6-20 Plug, NEMA 5-15 Adapter

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by EV Adept
Jun 22, 2024 7:15 AM
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  • The NEMA 5-15P to 6-20R adapter is a convenient and portable way to provide a fireproof way to connect your electrical appliances. It is made of 12 gauge SWG indoor/outdoor heavy-duty cord and has a length of 22-7/16 inches, which is 100% longer than other adapters. It also comes with a portable bag, making it a great choice for those who want to keep their electrical appliances safe and sound.
  • The level 1+2 charger has an intelligent chip to provide lightning / leakage / grounding / over voltage / under voltage / over charge / over current / overheat protection. With CE certification, IP65 control box and an IP54 EV connector, this charger is excellent for protecting your car charging. Note: For security reasons, this EV charger was designed as 15A because most public power lines in the United States only support up to 15A.
  • The EV charger is compatible with most electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles that comply with the J1772 standard. Perfect for users who own more than one electric vehicle or buildings with docks for EV charging, the charger is also great for traveling or visiting relatives and friends.
  • The VEVOR 15A Level 1+2 Portable EV Charger is designed for a faster charging speed, so you can charge your electric vehicle quickly and easily. This EV portable charger comes with a NEMA 6-20 plug and can charge your car four times faster than other 8A level 1 EV chargers you have used before. The actual charging speed depends on the settings of your electric vehicle.
  • When you order from, you can be confident that you’re getting a quality product backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The control box on your electric vehicle (EV) charger has four different LED indicator lights that show the status of your charger: if it’s ready to connect to your vehicle, charging, full charged, or if there’s a problem that needs to be fixed. These indicator lights help you keep track of your charger’s status so you can make sure it’s working properly and get charging information when you need it.

The VEVOR 15A Level 1 & 2 Portable EV Charger is the perfect way to charge your electric vehicle quickly and efficiently. This charger features a NEMA 6-20 Plug & SAE J1772 Connector, allowing you to charge your vehicle four times faster than with a standard 8A charger. Additionally, the 25 ft charging cable is long enough to reach most driveways or garages, and the LED indicators let you know the charging status at a glance. Plus, the VEVOR Portable EV Charger is universal compatible, so you can use it with any electric vehicle.

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In 2007, the Vevor team noticed that equipment and tools in the market had been overpriced, so they decided to change that. VEVOR was established with the goal of providing the most cost-effective products, like EV chargers. These most powerful home ev chargers are not only cost-effective, but they are also safe to use, having been approved by a certification center. VEVOR has one of the most ADVANCED technical teams, who always practice VEVOR's brand slogan: "Tough equipment and tools, pay less." Vevor have satisfied over 10 million users in 195 countries. They are committed to providing equipment and tools that make your job easier and more enjoyable.

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3 reviews for the VEVOR 15 Amp Level 1 and Level 2 Portable EV Charger (1...

  1. Jose year ago

    I bought the VEVOR Portable EV Charger electric car charger three years ago for my Hyundai Kona electric car. So far, the device has been working well. However, I have experienced difficulties with spontaneous rebooting of the device. Otherwise, I agree with the reviews of other buyers.

  2. Jimmy 11 months ago

    I bought a VEVOR Portable EV Charger, and so far it’s been working great… for my electric car, that is. I have a Model 3, and this thing has been a life-saver. It’s been working well for me for about a year now, but I have experienced some difficulties with it shutting down after an outage. Other than that, though, I agree with the reviews of other buyers.

  3. Mike 2 months ago

    I live in an area with a lot of rain. The VEVOR Portable EV Charger has kept my car charged despite the weather. However, I have had to replace the unit twice due to moisture damage. I would recommend this product to others, but with the caveat that it needs to be used in a dry location.

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