Siemens VersiCharge Level 2 Hardwired 11.5kW EV Home Charging station (240 Volt, 20ft/6m Cord, up to 48 Amp), Indoor/Outdoor

A high-powered home device. Has high WiFi signal requirements.

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by EV Adept
May 28, 2024 2:15 AM
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  • * Flexibility
  • Site configurations that can be extended or modified
  • Mounted on a wall or pole
  • Various communication possibilities
  • * Smart Building Integration
  • Control and monitor Siemens Desigo and other 3rd-party systems
  • Smart load monitoring and management
  • Modbus TCP and RTU communication
  • * Robust and reliable
  • Secure billing
  • Indoor outdoor capable (IP55)
  • Safety features that are industry-leading
  • * Intuitive Design
  • Simple Usability & Smart Interface
  • Protection of the electrical supply from upstream.
  • The mobile app for Android and iPhone allows you to quickly set up your device.
  • * Integrity
  • 3rd generation (Ver)sicharge AC Wallbox
  • Siemens is committed to quality
  • Cost effective
  • * The State of the Art and Future Proof
  • Open payment options
  • Accurate metering of integrated revenue
  • Tested EV Interoperability
  • Remote upgradeability

VersiCharge AC chargers provide multiple communication interfaces as well as a scalable parent-child configuration.

The local network can be connected via Ethernet or WLAN to connect child units with their parent units. This central communication interface to OCPP backupends provides additional communication capability via UMTS 4G / LTE (SIM card required).

VersiCharge AC chargers are able to communicate with Modbus-enabled building management systems like Siemens Desigo, allowing for dynamic load management.

All models include a 7m charging cord with type 2 connector (type 1 for ULC), which is long enough to cover common installation and parking situations.

The driver of many IEC countries would supply the cable. However, IEC models can be equipped with an integrated type 2 socket.

Additional information

SKU siemhrdw
17 lbs
16.1 × 7.09 × 3.78 in
12, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48
Cable length, ft
cUL listed
Manufacturer info

Siemens, founded more than 165 year ago, is an industry leader in electronic and electrical engineering. It is committed to quality and reliability in all areas of energy, industry and healthcare.

The company launched VersiCharge among its Siemens EV chargers, which has become a first-class product in the green energy industry.

Siemens, the world's largest supplier of environmental technologies, is known for its technological excellence and ability to deliver infrastructure solutions. Around 40% of its total revenue comes from green products and services.

Product info
Level 2 EV charger
Technical info
Level 2 Charging Mode Vehicle connection J1772 plug, 20ft cable, 40/48A / integrated cable management AC power output Single phase: 9.6 kW (40A). This requires a 50A or 11.5kw (44.8A). This requires a 60A fuse. Mounting Options: Wall or post mounting. See accessories Touch Button Time delay, return at max power level, reset ground fault Communication Interfaces Ethernet, WiFi, Modbus R-485, Modbus IP, Modbus TCP/IP for parent units, additionally LTE and WCDMA RFID user authentication (local Whitelist, MiFare). Configuration via the Siemens mobile app and the PC Configuration tool Back-end protocol OCPP 1.6 upgradeable to OCPP 2.0 Software upgrade over the Internet (OTA) Electrical design Charging status LEDs Power and time delay, charging state Charge, reduced power level, authentication, cold starting Communication status LEDs Connected/Not Connected during operation, signal strength During commissioning Parent/child network: Connects up 9 child units via Wi-Fi (100 feet line of sight). Modbus or OCPP load management Power supply voltage Single phase: 120 Hz / 208 V AC, 60 HZ Current settings rated (A) 12, 16, 24, 32. 40, 48 Cross wire section Single phase 8 AWG /6 AWG (90degC rated wire). Network type Single phase / split phase Weight 17 lbs Ambient conditions Temperature Operating temperature: -31degF to +122degF Storage Temp. - -40degF to +1140degF, 98% not condensing Colors: Silver Metallic (Pantone 10077), Black Holster Standards and certificates cUL listed according to UL 1998, UL 991, UL2594/CSA C22.2 No.280/NMX-J-677-ANCE, UL 2231-1/CSA C22.2 No.281.1/ NMX-J-668-1, UL 2231-2/CSA C22.2 No.281.2/NMX-J-668/2-ANCE, UL 2251/CSA C22.2 No.282/NMX-J-678-ANCE Energy metering embedded metering, +/– 1% accuracy Ground fault protection 20mA Over voltage protection Under voltage: 167 V (min. 80 V) / over voltage: 267 V (max. 275 V) Overcurrent protection Current +10% over configured threshold, min. +2A, 5 Seconds Operating altitude 9,840 feet General design Environmental rating Indoor and Outdoor, NEMA 4, IK 8 Dimensions (HxWxD): 16.10 in. x 7.09in. x 3.78in.

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7 reviews for the Siemens VersiCharge Level 2 Hardwired EV Home Charging ...

  1. Theo 2 years ago

    It was expensive.
    To get it installed, I needed to hire an electrician.
    It works as described and I have not had any issues in the 3 months that I have been using it.

  2. Philip D 2 years ago

    It took me a long time to charge my Audi E-Tron. We installed the block based on the recommendation. It’s very simple to use. It is very convenient that the car can be delayed charging for between 2-8 hours. We have had it for three months now without any issues. It charges my car faster than regular charging.

  3. Craig 2 years ago

    Charging occurs very quickly. The device was easy to set up and it looks great. One small complaint is that the wire is too short. It’s a great charger.

  4. Sam M year ago

    All EVSE Chargers can be expensive.
    Siemens is a well-known brand. I chose this product because of its low price. After damaging the standard charger, it was turned off from the network and I replaced the Siemens model. It has been working flawlessly for two years.

  5. Scott year ago

    I asked an electrician to place the 220-volt socket near the switch in the garage. The supplied bracket was all that was required to install the device. It is lightweight and easy to install. My Porsche Taycan is charged for three hours, as opposed to 9 hours using an old charger.

  6. Danny year ago

    It worked perfectly. It was recommended that I purchase a Travel charger with specials. It charges my Porsche Taycan great. Con is wifi

  7. Jerry year ago

    It looks rugged. The device loses the network on a daily basis. There is a strange connection between wifi connection and electric car charging, where the car does not charge without wifi. Customer service has replaced my device.

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