NeoCharge Smart Splitter up to 40 Amp, Level 2 for Two EVs (240 Volt, up to 40 Amp) NEMA 14-50 Plug, UL Listed

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by EV Adept
May 28, 2024 2:15 AM
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  • This UL listed EV charger comes with a 2-year warranty and expert customer support from a company dedicated to EV charging for over 5 years. You can order it from the manufacturer or with the same warranty.
  • Quick installation: Simply plug into your NEMA 14-50 EV charging outlet to charge two EVs without any rewiring or panel upgrades needed. Enjoy easy and convenient home EV charging without appointments.
  • The Smart Splitter has a NEMA 14-50P plug and 2 NEMA 14-50R outlets on each side, making it compatible with all NEMA 14-50, 40 Amp EV chargers. Verify that your outlet and plugs match the correct model using the product pictures.
  • Smart power monitoring and switching feature allows you to charge multiple EVs one after the other without manual intervention. You can also safely share power at a reduced rate by adjusting the current limit in your electric car or charging station. The upcoming Smart Splitter app offers real-time energy monitoring to help you manage your home EV energy consumption efficiently.
  • Save time and money by using the Smart Splitter. It allows two electric vehicles to share one 240-volt circuit, without the need for costly electrical upgrades. Simply plug the Smart Splitter into your 4-prong EV outlet to access Level 2 EV charging.

The NeoCharge Smart Splitter simplifies the process of sharing a 240V outlet between two EV chargers, making it the only splitter with built-in automatic power switching, simultaneous charging capabilities, and an internal software breaker for safety. Designed for self-installation, the Smart Splitter saves you time on installing Level 2 charging at home.This 40 Amp NeoCharge Smart Splitter is compatible with the most common NEMA outlets, providing charging access for any EV and a 40 Amp EV charger. Its incredibly small size and cordless design make it perfect for charging two cars on one outlet, without the need for an expensive panel upgrade.
If you’re an EV owner looking for a professional-grade solution to streamline your home EV charging experience, the NeoCharge Smart Splitter is your answer. It’s the ultimate accessory that will not only save you time and money but will also make life a whole lot easier. Upgrade your home charging station today with the NeoCharge Smart Splitter.

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SKU neocharge1450
2.74 lbs
8 × 7 × 5 in
NEMA 14-50
Ul certified
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NeoCharge was founded by two visionary engineers who were passionate about building technology that could make the transition to electric vehicles easier and create a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. When the Tesla Model 3 was introduced in 2018, it marked a turning point in the EV industry, and NeoCharge saw the need to tackle one of the biggest challenges facing EV drivers: installing EV charging stations at home. Since more than 80% of EV charging occurs at home, NeoCharge recognized the importance of specializing in home charging solutions.As an EV owner, you can trust NeoCharge to be your partner in the journey towards a sustainable future. With a focus on home charging solutions, NeoCharge empowers you to take control of your driving experience without sacrificing the comfort and convenience of home charging. You can rely on NeoCharge for reliable and efficient charging solutions that meet your unique needs.
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Smart Splitter

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