Stellantis & Charge Enterprises: Powering the Future of EVs

Stellantis has unveiled an electrifying partnership with Charge Enterprises. This isn’t just any collaboration; it’s a beacon for the future of electric vehicles in North America. With a vast network of over 2,600 dealerships across the US, the automotive landscape is set to witness a paradigm shift.

“This alliance is more than a partnership; it’s a revolution for the electric vehicle industry.” – EV Enthusiast

The “Dare Forward 2030” Vision

Stellantis isn’t just looking at the present; they’re crafting the future. Their “Dare Forward 2030” vision is a testament to this commitment. By the end of this decade, they aim to achieve:

  1. A staggering 50% sales rate in battery-powered vehicles.
  2. The rollout of over 25 battery-electric vehicles in the US.
  3. A collaborative effort with global automotive giants to supercharge North America’s transition to EVs.

Why This Matters for North America

  • Accelerated EV Adoption: This collaboration is a catalyst for North America’s swift shift to electric vehicles.
  • Enhanced EV Charging: With a focus on convenience, accessibility, and reliability, EV charging is set to become a breeze.
  • Future-Ready Infrastructure: Charge Enterprises, with its rich legacy, promises cutting-edge infrastructure solutions tailored for the modern EV landscape.

Related News & Insights

  • Charge Enterprises Joins Stellantis for EV Charger Installation: Stellantis has officially named Charge Enterprises as a pivotal partner for electric vehicle charging installations across its vast U.S. dealership network. This move sees Charge Enterprises becoming the fourth recommended partner, joining the ranks of Future Energy, Vehya, and AGI. Jeff Kommor, Stellantis U.S. head of sales, emphasized the company’s dedication to providing its dealers with top-tier options for a smooth transition to EV sales and service.
  • Stellantis Adds Charge Enterprises to Dealer EV Readiness Roster: Stellantis is expanding its partner list, adding Charge Enterprises to assist its 2,600+ U.S. dealerships in their journey to sell electric vehicles. Jeff Kommor, Stellantis’ head of U.S. sales, highlighted the importance of providing dealers with quality options tailored to their unique EV integration needs.
  • Stellantis and Leapmotor Collaboration Rumors: There’s buzz about Stellantis exploring potential collaborations with Chinese EV manufacturer Leapmotor to bolster its presence in the Chinese market.
  • Stellantis and Charge Enterprises: A Partnership for the Future: Global vehicle OEM Stellantis has forged a partnership with Charge Enterprises, making Charge an EV charging installation partner for Stellantis’ extensive U.S. dealer network. This collaboration is a testament to Stellantis’ commitment to electrifying the future and achieving its “Dare Forward 2030” plan.

With this collaboration and the related news, it’s evident that the future of electric vehicles in North America is not just promising but electrifying. Stellantis and Charge Enterprises are at the forefront of this revolution, ensuring that the transition to EVs is smooth, efficient, and future-ready.

References and Facts

Here are some related news and facts about Stellantis partnering with Charge Enterprises for US EV infrastructure:

  • Stellantis has selected Charge Enterprises as the infrastructure provider for its US dealership network1235.
  • Charge Enterprises will become the fourth recommended partner for dealer EV readiness for Stellantis dealers across the United States, joining Future Energy, 13.
  • Charge Enterprises will provide a full-service solution for dealers, offering education, installation, and maintenance of EV chargers2.
  • Stellantis launched a ‘Charging & Energy’ business unit to make it easier to keep electric vehicles on the road and cash in on an expanding range of services around greener mobility6.
  • Stellantis aims to give access to 500,000 charging points in Europe through its Free2move Charge service starting in Europe and North America in 20236.
  • Stellantis plans for 100% of its European passenger car sales and 50% of its US passenger car and light-duty truck sales to be battery EVs by 20306.
  • The group sees business opportunities from operating charging stations, and the margin on energy used for charging points is fairly rich6.