EnviroSpark & Ford: Powering the Future

In a bold move that’s set to redefine the electric vehicle (EV) landscape, Ford and Lincoln dealerships are joining forces with Georgia’s electric charging titan, EnviroSpark. Their electrifying mission? To roll out a whopping 432 lightning-fast DC chargers across the nation by 2024.

“Joining hands with these automotive trailblazers is a dream come true.” – Aaron Luque, CEO of EnviroSpark.

The Big Picture: Sustainable Transportation for All

  • Georgia to Indiana Green Tech Trees: EnviroSpark’s plan is to plant Level 3 EV chargers like modern-day green tech trees across dealerships in states from Georgia to Indiana.
  • The Blue Oval’s Vision: The renowned blue oval automaker has declared that by next year, every franchise pushing out EVs should have a charger in their yard. A clear testament to their commitment to a greener future.
  • The Numbers Game: A total of 1,891 Ford dealerships and 356 Lincoln showrooms are gearing up to champion the electric vehicle movement in the U.S.

The Future of Fueling: A Seamless Transition

Brad Correll, the face of Loganville Ford in sunny Georgia, quips:

“Setting up EV charging hubs isn’t just a savvy biz play. It’s our ticket to meeting the skyrocketing crave for electric rides.”

EnviroSpark, born in 2014, has emerged as the go-to maestro for plug-and-play EV charging solutions. Their recent announcement to integrate Tesla’s NACS connector into their chargers post their deal with Ford is a testament to their innovative approach.

References and Facts

Here are some related news and facts about the deal between EnviroSpark and Ford/Lincoln dealerships to install 432 EV chargers:

  • EnviroSpark has signed a deal with Ford and Lincoln dealerships to install 432 Level 3 EV chargers123.
  • The deal is estimated to bring in a revenue of $13.5 million for EnviroSpark15.
  • The chargers will be installed and maintained at two dozen Ford and Lincoln dealerships across nine states3.
  • The installation of the chargers is expected to be completed by 20246.
  • This partnership aims to expand the availability of fast charging infrastructure for electric vehicles2.
  • EnviroSpark is an electric vehicle charging company that was founded in 20145.
  • The chargers will provide Level 3 fast charging capabilities for electric vehicles12.