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Calculating the charging time of a Hyundai Kona electric car using a practical calculator

The duration of charging an electric car depends on the battery capacity, its age and temperature, as well as the power that the charger has. In order to calculate the exact time, a simple formula is used. A distinction is made between slow (5-8 hours), semi-quick (1.5-3 hours) and fast charging (up to 15 minutes). Each charger is characterized by different charging modes, one has a faster process (DC), the other slower (AC). The Hyundai Kona charging time calculator makes it easy and straightforward to find out the charging speed.

Using the Hyundai Kona charging time calculation formula

The handy calculator allows you to determine the value of the battery capacity in kWh, taking into account the specific model of the electric car. The same information is contained in the data sheet. For example, the battery capacity of the Hyundai Kona is 64 kWh. With the online calculator you can get acquainted with the characteristics and types of existing batteries, simply specify the model of the electric car.

The formula for calculating the charging time looks like this:

Speed = Battery capacity (kWh) x 1000 / EVSE power (kW) x 1000

For example, an electric car with a 64 kWh battery and a 6.5 kW charger charges for the following time period:

Charging rate = 64000/6500 = 9.8 hours.

This calculation is approximate, the calculator takes a 10% loss into account. In addition, the built-in charging unit can be operated with individual limitations.

It is also helpful to learn about the Next-generation of EV batteries, information is available on the website here.

Features of home charging station application

To charge the battery of an electric car, the most commonly used home charging station equipped with a nema 14-50 socket. The device is placed in a private garage, the choice of the right option in terms of speed is made taking into account the characteristics of the electric car. The fastest charging of the Hyundai Kona electric car is provided by constant current charging stations. Home charging stations are usually AC. Choosing the best Hyundai Kona charger will help you with this site. Just take a look at the information on the appropriate page.

Different electric cars have their own charging ports with different formats. The use of adapters allows you to connect chargers that are not designed for a particular model of car. The charging time is also affected by the power of the outlet in the garage. In order to get the right result, it is very important that the stationary charger is installed in close proximity to the place of charging. A professional electrician can help determine the right location.

A functional Hyundai Kona charging time calculator helps you determine the charging time of your electric car as quickly as possible. Using this battery capacity tool, you can charge your electric car more efficiently.