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What you need to know and how to use the distance calculator when charging an Audi e-tron electric car

A quite logical and understandable question for any electric car owner: "How much distance can a car travel on a single charge?" - to which it is quite difficult to give an answer to the accuracy of one mile. An approximate calculation is easily and quickly obtained with the Audi e-tron range calculator. This figure is influenced by many factors, including even the format of the charge:

  • Fast (urgent) in 15 minutes.
  • "Overnight" in the garage.
  • At public charging stations (usually lasting several hours).

An assistant in carrying out quick calculations on the available battery life will be a calculator. It contains all the necessary parameters used in practice by many Audi e-tron electric car owners. The charging speed of the electric car is influenced by the charger used. Looking for the right one for your Audi? A review on the top Audi e-tron home EV chargers from experts in the field will help you make your choice.

What exactly does the Audi e-tron range calculator take into account when calculating

Given that the calculator already includes Audi e-tron battery specifications - capacity and power, the calculation is carried out using additional data:

  • Air temperature - the electrolyte changes its properties at critical values (hot or cold weather). Read the expert article on how does weather affect electric cars.
  • Planned driving speed - taken into account by the driver.
  • Terrain - flat or steep uphill and downhill.
  • Operating cycle - city or highway.

Driving style also plays an important role. Abrupt speeding, acceleration during overtaking and driving at high speeds - all this significantly affects the battery depletion time. Usually a mixed style is chosen, when smoothness is combined with a comfortable (allowed by the rules) speed.

Using the distance calculation calculator for the Audi e-tron

Despite all efforts, developers have not yet been able to achieve revolutionary breakthroughs in the development of batteries. Regardless of the manufacturer, these devices for electric cars have approximately the same technical characteristics in terms of power and capacity, even taking into account the use of different production technologies in them. This has made it possible to create a unique and sufficiently accurate calculator for calculating the operating life per charge of any electric car, including Audi e-tron, regardless of the battery manufacturer.

Ways to extend the battery life of an electric car

It is not difficult to increase the operating life of one charge of the battery of an electric car. The rules are simple and clear enough:

  • Use energy-saving driving mode.
  • Do not overload the car during trips.
  • Exclude the use of air conditioning and entertainment system.

It is clear that the operation of an electric car with compliance with the listed rules will not be comfortable. Therefore, the best way to save yourself from the problems caused by the battery discharge at the wrong time and the inability to operate an electric car is to plan your trips. And to carry out such planning with high accuracy will help a special Audi e-tron range calculator. In addition to the distance, the calculator will also help to calculate the cost and charging time of your Audi e-tron.