Webasto Next Level 2 Hardwired EV Home Charging station (240 Volt, 15ft/7m Cord, up to 32 Amp)

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  • Type 2 plug, 4.5 m and 7 m lengths available
  • Chargers can be scaled up to 11 kW and 22 kW.
  • Ripple control receiver for grid operator
  • Webasto ChargeConnect (portal & app) is the backend solution
  • Digital management of the charging station
  • Scan & Charge allows you to authenticate the charging station at your convenience
  • Energy management system (EMS) integration
  • The wallbox data is always available online, with real-time 24/7 transmission
  • Suspension cable and plug socket
  • Protection against DC residual currents through integrated protection
  • Load management (stand-alone): Local dynamic load management
  • Recording charges using an integrated meter module

Webasto Next is a smart charging station that makes it easy to charge e-cars. The Webasto ChargeConnect backend gives you a complete overview of your charging station and allows you to control it remotely.

Webasto ChargeConnect

Keep track of your Webasto Next. Webasto ChargeConnect allows you to view the status of all your charging stations, your entire charging history, energy consumption, and many other details from any location. Remote management and control of the charging infrastructure is possible. Webasto ChargeConnect app and portal reflects the data from your charging stations. This provides maximum transparency, control and security.

Smart benefits in a glance

  • Remote diagnostics and maintenance for seamless operation
  • Remote control via app, e.g. Start and stop charging sessions
  • Flexible management of user rights
  • Comprehensive monitoring functions
  • Regular updates with new features in app and portal
  • Use and management in different user levels depending on authorization
  • All charging points are monitored 24/7 in real-time.
  • A detailed overview of all completed charging processes (charging histories)

Webasto ChargeConnect App

Your Webasto Next charging station can be found with the Webasto ChargeConnect app. The mobile app allows you to access your past and current charging sessions, stop and start them digitally, export charging data, and authorise other users for charging points.

Additional information

SKU webnext
10.1 lbs
4.5 × 8.8 × 17.5 in
16, 32
Cable length, ft
Working temperature
-22°F to 131°F
Stand, Wall
Manufacturer info

Webasto is a leader in the aftermarket, providing customized solutions and services to dealers and customers regarding thermo management and electric mobility. The company offers a wide range of Webasto EV chargers for all types of vehicles, as well as charging and battery systems.The Webasto Group, a global partner in innovative systems for almost all auto manufacturers, is among the top 100 suppliers of this sector.

Product info
Level 2 EV charger
Technical info
Length: Integrated cable bracket, 4.5 m / 7 m Output voltage (V AC): 230 / 400 Max. charging power (kW): 11 or 22 Mounting: Wall and pole mounting (permanently connected) Cable feed: Mounted on-wall or in-wall Connection cross-section (wire dimension): Cross-section of the connecting cable (Cu) taking into account the local conditions and norms: 6 or 10 mm² for 16 A and 10 mm² for 32 A Charging cable: Type 2 charging cable: up to 32 A / 400 VAC as per EN 62196-1 and EN 62196-2 Technical Details Electrical characteristics Webasto Next Integrated protective equipment: DC residual current protection Phase rotation: Automatic false phase-sequence detection Overvoltage category: III as per EN 60664 Protection class: I Necessary protective equipment: Residual current circuit breaker RCD type A and miniature circuit breakers must be provided on the installation side Nominal current (A): 16 or 32; single phase or 3-phase Line voltage (V AC): 230 / 400 (Europe) Grid frequency (Hz): 50 Grid forms: TN / TT (single phase and 3-phase), IT (only single phase) EMV class: Emitted interference: Class B (residential, business, commercial areas) Immunity: Industrial areas

Additional information

5 reviews for the Webasto Next Level 2 Hardwired EV Home Charging station...

  1. Jose 2 years ago

    Excellent device. It was easy to install. Excellent charging my Ford Mustang Mach-E.

  2. Anthony 2 years ago

    This charger is simple and reliable. It has been in my possession for 3 months now and I am very happy with it. There were several charging options for my Volkswagen ID.4 But this charger is the best. It is a great choice.

  3. Nat D 2 years ago

    This device has a high rating because of its speed, excellent work and clear instructions.

  4. Miguel 2 years ago

    This is the charging device that I purchased for Hyundai Kona. It is easy to monitor and plan charging. This device has many intellectual functions that I enjoy.

  5. Matty year ago

    Installation was very simple, with clear instructions and excellent schemes.
    It is intuitive and a great addition to your home charger. It was a pleasure to chase my Chevy Bolt, as I stated.

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