Tesla Mobile Connector NEMA 5-20 Adapter

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Jun 22, 2024 7:15 AM
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  • Tesla Mobile Connector Plug: 5-20 Nema Adapter Gen 2
  • Compatible Devices: Cellular Phones
  • Tesla Brand: 1 Port, 1.0 Count
  • No Power Plug: Male to Female Connector
  • Lightweight: 0.281 Kg

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SKU umc520
Tesla Motors
Tesla Motors
Product info
Tesla NEMA 5 20 adapter for UMC

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3 reviews for the Tesla Motors 5-20 Nema Adapter Gen 2 Mobile Connector p...

  1. Billy year ago

    I did not feel a significant increase in charging speed with this 5-20 adapter. Pretty much the same as you can get from a 5-15 adapter. It wasn’t worth the money to me.

  2. Aaron year ago

    This 5-20 nema adapter fits the mobile connector well. The adapter is made of quality plastic or rubber and has the Tesla logo. The cable is difficult to bend in the winter, but still works fine.

  3. Eric year ago

    I didn’t read the reviews about the difference between the 5-15 and 5-20 adapters before buying. However, it fit my outlet perfectly. It is important that your breaker is 20 amps.

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