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How does the BMW i3 charging calculator help electric car owners?

How much will it cost to charge an electric car? Where is it more profitable to charge an electric car - at home or at a recharging facility? You can find out by using the BMW i3 charging cost calculator on our website.

BMW i3 charging cost calculator

BMW i3 charging cost calculator is useful not only for owners of BMW i3, but also for those, who only plan to buy it. For those who are just planning to buy a charger, our website has tips on how to choose one. For example, the rating of Hardwired EV chargers for BMW can be very useful. On the site you can determine both the price of the charger for the main models of the BMW i3 and for its modifications. Thanks to the calculator, you can also find out the time it will take to charge the electric car, as well as how many more miles the BMW i3 will travel.

Beneficial type of charging 

Typically, charging stations have two types of billing:

  • payment per kilowatt;
  • per-minute charge.

Owners of electric vehicles that can take a significant number of kilowatts of DC will benefit from the per-minute payment format. Read the experts' review if you want to know which Commercial EV Charging Station is the best? It's worth keeping in mind that some places charge for the session, as well as for downtime after charging ends.

Electric Vehicle Charging Rate

When plugged into different charging outlets, the user gets different charging speeds. The 15 amp outlets are the devices that will have the lowest charging speed when plugged in. The cost of charging a BMW i3 in the home will be billed per kilowatt of electricity. But most networks of charging stations charge by the minute rates. This is worth considering when determining where to charge your electric car.

Different cars have different port formats. Inexperienced owners think it's impossible to charge them in an unsuitable place. But it is worth noting that various adapters are now sold, with which you can plug an electric car into an outlet that is not designed for it.

Features of the calculator 

You do not have to calculate the charging time of an electric car on your own, using a special calculator. The interface is simple and clear, so the calculation will not cause problems. The online calculator allows you to solve three main tasks:

  • calculate the time that will be needed to charge the car;
  • determine the cost of charging;
  • Determine the most profitable charging station.

Benefits of the calculator 

Today, the topic of electric car charging is popular, so you can find a variety of calculators. But more convenient is the BMW i3 charging cost calculator on our website. You do not have to enter the data manually, all calculations are done automatically. In order not to lose this calculator, we recommend adding the site to your bookmarks.