In an electrifying leap forward for electric vehicle infrastructure, Wallbox, a titan in the global charging industry, has announced the debut of its latest innovation—the Supernova 180 DC Fast Charger. Crafted with precision for the North American market, this state-of-the-art charger is setting a new benchmark in the realm of EV charging solutions.

A New Era of EV Charging Begins

With the Supernova 180, Wallbox is not just launching another charger; it’s propelling the electric vehicle charging infrastructure into the future. This marvel of engineering is designed to dramatically enhance the EV charging experience, offering the promise of adding 100 miles of range in a mere ten minutes.

Global Expertise with a Local Focus

Founded in 2015, Wallbox has cemented its status as a pioneer in charging technology, developing and distributing innovative charging and energy management solutions across over 100 countries. Despite its global reach, Wallbox harbors a special focus on North America, underscored by its advanced production facility in Texas. This commitment is part of a broader vision to produce 1 million EV chargers in the United States by 2030.

“Our mission at Wallbox is to drive the future of transportation forward, making electric vehicle charging faster, smarter, and more accessible for everyone,” says Erik Fogelberg, General Manager of Wallbox North America.

Supernova 180: Features That Set It Apart

The Supernova 180 is not just another DC fast charger. It’s a leap into the future of electric vehicle technology, boasting features that set it apart:

  • Modular Design: Echoing the architecture of its predecessors, the Supernova 180 incorporates a modular design enhanced with the latest technology to deliver charge rates of up to 180 kW.
  • High Power-to-Dimension Ratio: Its compact size belies its power, offering flexibility in installation locations while providing the capability to charge two EVs simultaneously.
  • Intelligent Power Distribution: This feature optimizes power distribution, ensuring efficient charging for multiple vehicles at once.
  • Resilience: Equipped with six 30 kW power modules, the Supernova 180 guarantees uptime, maintaining charging capability even if a module fails, albeit at reduced power.

Accelerating the EV Revolution

With over 2,000 units sold in Europe, Wallbox’s Supernova chargers have already made their mark. The launch of the Supernova 180 in North America is not just an expansion—it’s a strategic move to overcome barriers to EV adoption, such as charging speed and availability.

Fogelberg adds, “The Supernova 180 embodies our commitment to innovation, offering a solution that meets the needs of today’s EV drivers and the infrastructure demands of tomorrow.”

Order Now and Power Up Your Journey

The Supernova 180 is currently available for order, with production ramping up this month. Targeted at spaces where efficiency and speed are paramount—such as gas stations, car dealerships, and shopping malls—this charger is set to transform the landscape of EV charging.

The launch of the Supernova 180 by Wallbox marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of electric vehicle charging technology. With its innovative features, commitment to quality, and focus on sustainability, Wallbox is not just powering EVs; it’s powering a greener future for all.

References and Facts

  • Wallbox has launched the Supernova 180, a UL-certified DC fast charger designed specifically for the North American market. It is the company’s third-generation EV charger and is aimed at locations with limited space and power, such as gas stations, car dealerships, and shopping malls135.
  • The charger can add 100 miles of EV range in ten minutes and is available for order, with production expected to begin this month. It features a modular design for improved performance, allowing for power upgrades and improved uptime. The smaller footprint of the charger opens up more sites to fast charging opportunities135.
  • The Supernova 180 has broad EV compatibility and will be available with both CCS1 and NACS connectors over the course of 2024. It has a high power-to-dimension ratio and can deliver up to 180 kW of charging power. The charger also features an intelligent power management system for simultaneous charging and an improved user experience with features such as improved cable handling and numerous payment options35.
  • Wallbox is targeting 1 million EV chargers built on US soil through its Texas facility by 2030. The company has found success with its DC fast chargers in Europe and aims to accelerate the transition to EVs in North America with the Supernova 18013.