Morec Level 1 and 2 Portable EV Charger 3.8 kW (120/240Volt, 26ft/8m Cable, 16 Amp) NEMA 6-20 Plug, Adapter for NEMA 5-15

NEMA 5-15 Compatible with the supplied adapte.

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  • Morec research team developed a new generation EV charger to satisfy more customers’ needs. Cable is 26ft long from car plug to wall plug, and 24ft from car plug to box, which could be sufficient to meet most customers’ needs.
  • Morec chargers are portable and easy to use. The adapter NEMA5-15NEMA6-20 is included with your purchase. This means that you can charge the charger in both the 220V socket (NEMA6-20), and the 110V socket (NEMA5-15).
  • High Security ABS material is used in these EV chargers. This ensures better quality and durability. They have protections for over-current, over-voltage, leakage, overheating, and waterproof ratings of IP65. They will protect your car charging.
  • EV chargers can be used to charge electric cars only. Products are CE certified and of superior quality.

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SKU meg620b
6.14 lbs
16 × 15 × 3 in
1, 2
NEMA 5-15, NEMA 6-20
Cable length, ft
Working temperature
1 year
Enclosure Material
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Morec is an innovative manufacturer of EV charging devices. The company has been manufacturing and supplying their products to Lowes. Morec's most popular product for sale on their site is the Travel EV Charger which can be found at Lowes' stores nationwide. You can choose a home electric car charger from the comparison table on our website.

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Level 2 EV charger

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7 reviews for the Morec Level 1 and 2 Portable EV Charger 3.8 kW (120/240...

  1. Michael 2 years ago

    It arrived the day after I had installed it. I am very hopeful that it will last many years. It works. The input voltage is 120V AC. There are no complicated instructions. Excellent build quality. I will add any issues to this review if they arise.

  2. Mick 2 years ago

    I’ve wanted to visit the L2 charger for my electric car for a long time, but I didn’t have the time or the right chain and sockets to do so. This device is the best choice for me. It’s well-suited for me with L1 and can be used later as the charger L2. Reliable device at a great price. We are extremely pleased.

  3. Eric 2 years ago

    I only have a 120-amp plug with a 15amp circuit breaker. I purchased a NEMA 5/15 standard outdoor fork. I also purchased the adapter connector in a hermetic bag. The charger is always outdoors and included in the outlet. The charger adapts to the current strength, so depending on how full the battery is, I can save anywhere from 45 minutes to three hours. I have had no problems for 3 months.

  4. Dan B year ago

    This charger is perfect for charging my Porsche Taycan. It never heats up and charges my car in under 3 hours. You will not have any problems if you use the charger correctly.

  5. Billy year ago

    It charged 35% faster than my standard portable charger that came with my Volkswagen ID. It charges 35% faster that the standard portable charger I received with my Volkswagen ID. The charger has a maximum power output of 16 A and is available in two voltage options: 110 volts or 220 volts. This corresponds to the cost of chargers that only offer one voltage. If I have any other experiences, I will update this review.

  6. Erik year ago

    This charger was purchased to charge my Volkswagen ID. This charger was only tested at 110 V. I don’t know how it will perform at 240 V. It was fine.

  7. Ryan year ago

    This is what I had in mind when I saw it at Walmart. The EVSE seems very robust. It’s easy to install and works. Compare charging power before you purchase.

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