Tesla Model 3

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421 mi
491 / 366kW
Acceleration 0-60MPH
4.2 sec
Top speed
125 MPH

Charging time 0-100%

AC Home Level 1 (Max 120V 16A)
40H 37M
AC Home Level 2 (Max 240V 80A)
6H 47M
DC Station Level 3

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4 years or 50,00
Cargo / Max cargo
23 ft3 / 19.8+3.1 ft3

Specs of Tesla Model 3 Long Range

22.5 kWh/100 mi
Battery capacity
78 kWh

Charging Cap

AC Charge limit
11.5 kWh
DC Charge limit
250 kWh


EV Adept's review of Tesla Model 3 Long Range

When it comes to state-of-the-art electric vehicles, the Tesla Model 3 Long Range 2024 is a marvel of innovation and engineering. Our company relies on this exceptional machine for its in-house advertising product production, and there's no mistaking why. In this article, we will delve into the specifications and features that make this electric vehicle a game-changer.

Battery and Powerhouse

At the core of the Tesla Model 3 Long Range 2024 is an 80 kWh lithium-ion battery. This beast of a battery allows the car to deliver an impressive 346 horsepower. The longevity and resilience of the battery are backed by an 8-year warranty, covering 100,000-120,000 miles.

Charging Solutions

Recharging is a breeze with the Tesla Supercharger, allowing you to gain up to 170 miles in just 15 minutes. The vehicle also comes with a Mobile Connector for 120V/240V charging and supports J1772 public charging.

Performance Metrics

  • Range: 358 miles EPA estimated
  • Acceleration: 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds
  • Top Speed: 145 mph
  • MPGe: 131 city/117 highway/124 combined EPA rating

Drive and Control

The vehicle boasts a Dual motor all-wheel drive, offering superior control and stability. With a 5-star safety rating, the Tesla Model 3 Long Range 2024 is equipped with features like automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, and adaptive cruise control.

Autopilot Features

Autopilot comes standard in this model. The advanced driver assist includes traffic-aware cruise, auto lane change, self-park, and summon features, making your driving experience as smooth as possible.

Interior and Comfort

The Tesla Model 3 Long Range 2024 offers an open cabin design with premium seating. A 15" center touchscreen serves as the hub of entertainment and control. The vehicle also provides immersive audio with premium audio features and AM/FM/Satellite radio.

Climate and Seating

  • Seats: 5 seats with power adjustable front seats
  • Heating: Heated front/rear seats
  • Climate Control: Automatic climate control with remote climate preconditioning

Storage and Cargo

The vehicle offers a generous 15 cu ft rear trunk and a 4 cu ft front trunk. The 60/40 split folding rear seats expand the cargo space, making it convenient for those extra shopping bags or outdoor gear.

Good to Know Fact

Did you know? The Tesla Model 3 Long Range 2024's glass roof is not just a luxury feature. It's made of ultraviolet and infrared protecting laminated glass, offering you both a spectacular view and safety!

Key Considerations for Potential Buyers

Are you considering the 2024 Tesla Model 3 Long Range as your next big purchase? Here are some compelling reasons why this vehicle is not just another electric car but a smart investment for the long run.

Decoding the Total Cost of Ownership

One of the most lucrative aspects of the Tesla Model 3 Long Range is its total cost of ownership. Forget the recurring costs of gas; this vehicle comes with the promise of charging at home or en-route, thanks to Tesla's extensive network of over 50,000 Superchargers. The upfront cost may be substantial, but the long-term savings on fuel are undeniable.

Good to Know Fact: Charging at home overnight can save you an estimated $1,000 annually on fuel costs compared to a traditional gas vehicle.

Financing & Financial Incentives

While the overall cost of the car is a factor, Tesla does offer various financing options to ease your investment. Rates and promotions can vary by location and the car's specific configuration. It's advisable to consult Tesla or your local dealership for the most up-to-date information on financing incentives.

Warranty & Roadside Assistance

The 2024 Tesla Model 3 Long Range comes with a four-year/50,000-mile vehicle warranty. However, the warranty for the battery and drive system stretches up to 120,000 miles, ensuring long-term peace of mind. Roadside assistance is also available, reinforcing Tesla's commitment to customer satisfaction.

Trim Levels, Range, and Features

  • Base Model: Rear-wheel drive, 272-mile estimated range
  • Performance Model: 315-mile estimated range
  • Long Range Model: An astonishing 333-mile estimated range

All trims come standard with heated and ventilated front seats, adding a layer of comfort to your driving experience.

Fuel Efficiency Re-Imagined

The Long Range variant boasts an estimated range of 333 miles per single charge. The new Tesla Model 3 has seen an efficiency improvement of 5 to 8 percent depending on the specific model, making it a front-runner in electric vehicle efficiency.

Safety First!

For those concerned about safety, worry no more. The Tesla Model 3 has received accolades, including the IIHS Top Safety Pick+ award, with top ratings across all crashworthiness and front crash prevention categories. Furthermore, it has earned a five-star safety rating from the NHTSA, reflecting its robust build and advanced safety features.

Experience Before You Buy: Test Drives

You can take this electric dynamo for a spin by scheduling a demo drive with a Tesla Advisor. This provides a hands-on opportunity to understand the car's performance, features, and comfort level.

Resale Value & Longevity

Tesla vehicles, including the Model 3 Long Range, are renowned for their impressive resale value. The solid build quality and in-demand features contribute to a lower depreciation rate compared to other vehicles in the market.

Accessorize Your Drive

From all-weather floor mats to wireless phone chargers, Tesla offers a range of accessories to enhance your Model 3 experience.

Maintenance & After-Care

Although there's no complimentary scheduled maintenance, Tesla provides a comprehensive network of service centers and mobile service technicians for any repair and maintenance needs.

Insurance & Other Financial Considerations

Insurance rates can fluctuate based on your location and the specific configuration of your Model 3. For the most accurate rates, consult with your insurance provider. Note that Tesla does not offer any loyalty programs for returning customers at this time.

Unlocking the Potential: Charging the Tesla Model 3 Long Range 2024

The Tesla Model 3 Long Range 2024 edition is a marvel of electric vehicle technology, but what truly makes it stand out is its charging capabilities. Our company relies on this vehicle for its sustainable and efficient transportation needs in our advertising product manufacturing.

A New Horizon in Charging Technology

The Tesla Model 3 Long Range 2024 comes equipped with state-of-the-art charging solutions that not only boost efficiency but also ensure a longer lifespan for the vehicle’s battery. With the Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector, one can achieve a full charge in a matter of hours.

Home vs Public Charging: What’s the Deal?

While Tesla offers Superchargers for rapid public charging, many prefer the convenience of home charging. However, it's not always feasible to use Tesla's proprietary charging stations. For such scenarios, there are adapters that allow you to charge your Tesla at non-Tesla public stations.

Good to Know Fact

Did you know? Tesla’s V4 Superchargers can deliver up to 250 kW of power, allowing a Model 3 Long Range to gain up to 75 miles of range in just 5 minutes of charging!

The Cost Factor

Charging a Tesla Model 3 Long Range 2024 is not just about plug-and-play. You also need to consider the cost involved. To make this easier, you can use Tesla's Charging Cost Calculator to get a precise idea of your expenses.

Optimizing Battery Health

Maintaining optimal battery health is crucial for any electric vehicle. Tesla provides multiple charging modes, including Standard and Range modes, to help you balance between longevity and performance.

Final Thoughts

The Tesla Model 3 Long Range 2024 offers a comprehensive and efficient charging system, making it a top choice for those looking to switch to an electric vehicle. With the right approach, you can maximize both performance and battery lifespan.