3L3Y Level 2 EV Charging station 7.7 kW (240Volt, 25ft/7m Cable, 16/24/32 Amp) NEMA 6-50 Plug or hardwired

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  • It is easy to install and use: The 3L3Y EV Level 2 charger is suitable. You can install it on an outdoor column or indoor wall. The charger comes with a NEMA 6-50 plug (or remove the plug to hardwire). You don’t need to run APPs or connect to the home network. This saves you time and allows you to focus on other things. The charger only requires plugging in to charge. Once fully charged, the charger will cut off and stop automatically, so that elderly people can use it.
  • The 3-Gen product is faster charging speed. This charger has been improved over 5 years. It can charge EVs up to 8x faster that standard (8A/110v EV charging station cable cables. Level 2 charger technology is used, 16A/32A current adjustable, to select the right electric charger amperage for your EV. Maximum output power is 7.7KW (240V EV charger). This j1772 plug charger has been UL listed.
  • Compatible with all EVs and PHEVs
  • The LCD display of the 3L3Y electric vehicle charging station is intuitive. There’s no need to open the mobile phone app. It can display the current voltage, current and amount of charge. The LED indicator can also display the current status of the electric vehicle charger.
  • 3L3Y customer service is available to help you solve your problems quickly and actively. Manufacturer will refund your entire purchase if they are unable to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.
  • Ten Major Safety Protections. The 3L3YEV charger level 2 provides 10 safety protections. These include over/under voltage, short circuit, overcurrent, ground fault and overheat.
  • It also has waterproof IP55, anti-UV, lightning surge, and emergency power-off protection. The power supply can be shut off immediately if the temperature monitor components of the electric car charger exceeds the set temperature. The EV charger will automatically resume charging once the temperature has returned to normal.

Additional information

SKU 3l3y650
Weight 14.48 lbs
Dimensions 16.34 × 12.6 × 8.07 in
Brand 3L3Y
Manufacturer 3L3Y
Level 2
Voltage 240
Socket NEMA 6-50
Amperage 16, 24, 32
Plug J1772
Cable length, ft 25
Waterproof IP55
Working temperature n/a
Outdoor Yes
Wall/Stand Wall
Travel/Portable No
Hardwired Yes
Weight 14.48
Certificate n/a
Warranty n/a
Wi-Fi No
Enclosure Material n/a
Manufacturer info

The 3L3Y company, in cooperation with retailers, sometimes holds a sale on these products with good deals. 32-amp EV chargers are rightfully considered a favorite among the owners of electric cars. When deciding whether or not to purchase these products, look for positive reviews and recommendations for their use. Many of its products are in demand and that's why you can see this brand in lists of the best EV chargers.

Additional information

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  1. Timothy 7 months ago

    N is one power line and L1 another. The neutral is not used but the ground is on the PE terminal. This is the correct connection to the United States.
    It’s beautiful and it works perfectly!

  2. Jason 7 months ago

    The 3L3Y Level 2 charger arrived in a well packed package. It did not break. It includes a fastener, charger and holder for the cord.

    Instantly, the charger was activated and was ready to go. Clear LCD displays are fantastic. To check the status of your charge, you don’t need an app for a smartphone. My Porsche Taycan was charged in less than 4 hours.

  3. Mark S 5 months ago

    The wiring was easy to install once I had it figured out.
    It is a great charger that works well.

  4. Matt 4 months ago

    It was simple to set up and configure. Everything was perfect up until now!

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